My name is Lorraine Bossė-Smith, Founder of the F.I.T. Leader Formula. No where will you find such a dynamic approach to leadership as my exclusive F.I.T. Leader Formula where Four Pillars create high-performance leaders. My goal is simple. I want to help people of all levels, roles, and titles to be FIT to lead. When leaders optimize their own abilities, talents, and gifts, they, in turn, create stronger, healthier, more productive teams. When people are successful in their careers, they are happier and more satisfied.

I have the unique combination of corporate experience in high-level management positions along with a wellness and fitness industry background. Coupled with my expertise as a certified human behavior, motivators/driving forces, and emotional intelligence consultant, I am a powerhouse of energy, ideas, inspiration, and solutions whether I am speaking, training, consulting, coaching, or authoring books.

Personally, I not only overcame but conquered two incurable diseases. I know firsthand the importance of balancing the Four Pillars, and it is these pillars that are the foundation of F.I.T. Leader Formula. My desire is simply to transform lives, which I have been doing since 1996.

By helping individuals understand, embrace, and become FIT Leaders, I increase employee retention, reduce company’s healthcare costs, boost productivity, decrease absenteeism, and solidify a strong bottom line.

I am the author of eight published books, (Leveraging Your Leadership Style with Study Guide, I Want My Life Back, Leveraging Your Communication Style, Leveraging Your Leadership Style (and workbook), Fit Over 50, Finally FIT and A Healthier, Happier You) and a myriad of booklets. I am a columnist for Life is Good magazine, write on assignments for numerous print and online magazines such as American Fitness (international circulation), and have had countless articles appear in national magazines and newspapers. I have shared my heart with radio listeners across the country and have been on live television shows.

In addition, I am a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) and Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA). I am also an advanced certified personal trainer, and listed in the 2000 Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs and the 2005 Who’s Who Among Female Executives. I hold a B.S. in Business Administration with minors in Marketing and Communications.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and how I might help your team become FIT Leaders!

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  • “I like Lorraine’s balanced approach to fitness and how she makes it easy for each person to customize a program that works for them. I’m in the people development business, and I love to see books like this that set up others for success! If you are tired of trying to obtain a healthier life and actually want to do it and now, then this book is for you!” – Mark Sanborn, Best-selling author and speaker

  • “Lorraine’s guidance have been countless. I first began working with her on a business trade and soon found that my time was well spent. She has given me a set of tools to accomplish my goals, no matter what the obstacle.” -Jesscy

  • “Tell her something is impossible and watch her find a way to prove you wrong. Ask her to lead a project and you can rest assured it will be done well. Hire her and your team will reap numerous benefits in the years to come.” – Allen

  • “Lorraine’s program was engaging and interactive. She has a gift for delivering concrete, tangible tools in a dynamic manner that makes it fun to learn!” Jay