Improving the Quality of Lives and Businesses

My passion is improving the quality of people's lives and businesses. How I do that depends upon the situation and the person. Someone may need leadership development while another requires better time management...both of which create stress and imbalance in one's life.

When people are feeling exhausted or a company has high turnover, something is not right. I'm the person who helps uncover the root-cause of the problem and offers a variety of solutions because of my diverse background.

I ignite hope, inspire change, and encourage transformation that results in work/life balance for the individual and increased profits for the company.

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“Inspiring, motivating and uplifting! Lorraine’s journey gives me hope that I can overcome any obstacle!” - Pam Bobbitt

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Your body tells you when it needs fuel, and you feel hungry. When you are dehydrated, you thirst. What do you do? You eat and drink water. When it comes to your career and life, the diagnosis isn’t always easy to define, and the solutions can be more complicated.

All you know is you aren’t where you want to be. Signs we are out of balance or going in the wrong direction can be: extreme fatigue, restlessness, inability to sleep soundly, weight gain, excessive weight loss, anxiety, consuming high volumes of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, low to no sex drive, difficulty focusing, lack of creativity or clarity, and a sense of feeling utterly lost.

Faith Will Carry You Through

One thing I know is our bodies communicate to us, and if we don’t listen to the gentle whisper, they will end up screaming at us with disappointment, discouragement, depression, illness, disease, or even death. I know firsthand, and I had to fight my way back amongst the living. Faith Will Carry You Through My hardships have uniquely qualified me to help others first identify what is wrong/out of balance in their life and then offer steps to take to get the life they want back. I call it my FIT Life Formula where Faith + Insights into your personal and professional development + Tackling the tough stuff = A FIT Life worth living.

When we have a FIT Life, we are more successful, fulfilled, and able to do and give as God ordains for us. Are you ready to get your life back? Better yet, do you want a new and improved FIT Life? Then I’m the coach for you.

Besides understanding human behavior, I am a certified personal trainer and fitness professional who is passionate about work/life balance. I’ve held high-level corporate positions but know no title is more important than that of a child of God.

Take the first step by ordering a Success Insights assessment and one-hour coaching appointment with me personally. Together we will review your God-given personality style, discover your unique strengths, and discuss what areas of your life are preventing you from a FIT Life.  

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