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Faced with two incurable diseases and a myriad of other life challenges, I have learned to DEFY my diagnosis! And yes, I have beaten TWO incurable diseases and overcome my obstacles. My desire is simple and pure: I want to help others defy THEIR diagnosis whether it is medical, mental, professional, or relational.

I haven't made up principles to sell. I sought out solutions to my problems because it was a matter of life and death for me. I now share them with anyone who might be facing a battle...anyone who has had the wind knocked out of them...who doesn't know how they can possibly win. Won't you let me help you lead and succeed professionally by encouraging you toward a healthier, more balanced life personally?

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"Tell her something is impossible and watch her find a way to prove you wrong. Ask her to lead a project and you can rest assured it will be done well. Hire her and your team will reap numerous benefits in the years to come." - Allen Arnold

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